LAW Survey

LAW Survey

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LAW Survey ACT

The aim of the LAW Survey was to provide valuable evidence-based data to inform debate and policy directions concerning legal service provision and access to justice across Australia. With over 2000 respondents in each of the eight Australian states/territories, the survey allows for in-depth analysis within each state/territory as well as at the national level.

The current report on the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is one in a series of nine reports. The series includes a report for each state/territory and a report for Australia as a whole. These reports detail the first major findings of the LAW Survey, presenting a broad high-level overview of legal need and legal resolution in each jurisdiction. Subsequent publications will provide more fine-grained analysis of legal need.

LAW Survey Australia

The present report is one in a series of nine reports that provides the initial findings of a national survey of legal needs - the LAW Survey. The series consists of a report on Australia as a whole and a report on each state/territory. The LAW Survey deals with key questions that go to the heart of understanding the legal and access to justice needs of the community, and how to address these needs.