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Legal Aid Helpline

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Many people wait too long before they seek legal help. This often leads to problems becoming bigger and more difficult to resolve than they need to be.

We encourage people to seek help early and resolve legal issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Legal Aid Helpline is an immediate option for people who want to find out more about their legal choices. It's open Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.00 pm on:

Legal Aid Helpline

1300 654 314

The Legal Aid Helpline provides help in understanding and dealing with legal issues such as family law disputes, neighbour disputes, criminal charges, debt, personal injuries compensation, and employment issues. Helpline staff will provide information about your basic legal issue and suggest what further action you might take. Suggestions for further action might include referring you to Legal Aid ACT's advice services or referring you to another agency for help. In some straightforward cases Helpline staff may be able to provide brief legal advice about your problem.

Helpline staff handle many calles each day and so the time they can spend on each call is limited, Often it is not possible to solve a legal problem over the telephone, particularly if the problem is complex. In these cases Helpline staff will advise you how to seek further legal assistance.